Soo…Why Cherubim and Seraphim Church?

myself and my girls!

My Story – (omo iya’dua)

People always ask me, why did you move back to C&S, a white garment Church?. My answer is always the same…Why not!

You see, most people have a misconception of the Church after all its an ‘African Church’, not the USA modeled or western cultured ‘Pentecostal Church’.  However, having spent over a decade as a teacher and a pastor, in both churches, I came to the realization that the Christian body as apostle Paul puts it is ‘one body’.   Yes, we might have different doctrines but we are still one in Christ and funny enough the same ‘recycled people’. People are the Church and no matter where you go, will manifest the attributes of mankind.  Hence my decision to move back to my native church 🙂

Who am I?  Am simply known as PASTOR ANGEL, if you ask me I will say an over 50 woman of God with two teen girls still at home (having married late and had kids late too!) a pastor, Chaplain, Investment banker, motivational and inspirational speaker, a school governor, storyteller, Life coach, blogger, podcaster and a lover of life. I love dancing, love jazz, love travelling, Love visiting all Cathedrals around the world ( you should visit Sistine Chapel in Vatican city, Rome and behold michelangelo’s ceiling of angels), I love good food, eating out etc.  I so love meeting people of this beautiful World created by God, learning different cultures and the fabulous chance to share my faith with everyone I meet.

I absolutely love living on this beautiful planet of ours and intentionally try to see the sunny side of Life. I am constantly in love with people, am a huge hugger, I smile too much (even though my teeth aren’t white!) and my laugh, well people tell me it is a killer!. (I was even told in a restaurant once that my laugh makes them laugh!).. That’s me, warm-hearted, living always in forgiveness and love, am a sucker for romance, any romantic film is good with me and I could watch the same film 10 times over and over again (makes the kids mad 🙂

and Yes!, I do get upset, get depressed and sad sometimes when pressures of life weigh me down, or disaster strikes, unexplainable tragedies etc., but I say to myself, babes! that is life for you, sh*t happens.. so I have learnt to hand it over to God by lifting the weight off my chest and move on with God’s grace and His peace!… Hence His word says ‘peace that passes all understanding, will He give unto us’. Phil 4:7

Mount Olive, Israel

Nothing is unique to anybody if it happens to me, it has definitely happened to someone else before me and will certainly happen to someone also after me, so my motto and best advice to anyone is: learn to carry your cross and God will give you the strength and grace to see it through..this too shall pass… This brings me to JEHOVAH, my saviour, my resting place and my High Tower.

I am an ambassador for Christ, an evangelist, forerunner of the gospel and a kingdom carrier. I eat and breath Christ, I am a follower of Christ and live my life to fulfill my destiny which is to share the Gospel to all humankind and share the love of Christ everywhere I go in every possible way. That, in essence, is who I am!…


My Small Beginnings

I was born in Shepherds Bush, West London in the late sixties winter time, my mum told me I was so small they didn’t think I would survive. I guess God did really have a purpose for me. I was told I was a serious cry baby and a screamer, everywhere they took me to including childminders they always bring me back home and the only thing that would stop me crying was TV adverts!. My mum said she used to pray for ads so she could get some rest. I guess that’s why am still a crier, I cry at anything, I was once laid off my contract job and I cried so much they kept me on for another 2 weeks!, (they thought I could harm myself!)… That’s me,,, at the age of seven my parents took me and my brother back to Nigeria where I stayed and schooled till I finished my secondary school and came back to the UK at 17 yrs, still remained here till today. 🙂

my mum and dad’s wedding day – London 1964

My Spiritual Background – My Mum

I am what is called a ‘Spirit Child’ (omo emi). I was born and raised in a ‘Spiritual environment’ and therefore see things differently to most people.  As a Christian, we learn through the Bible that the Spirit realm manifests into the earthly realm, as an African through our forefathers we also learnt that the Spirit world dominates the physical world. My grandfather on my fathers’ side was a Traditionalist grandmaster (Ogboni) and Grandmother (from my mother’s side was a Traditional Spiritualist (egungun masquerade, lobadara) was told that she brought two of them to Ondo town from Abeokuta when she got married to my grandad.  When I was growing up twice a year, two different masquerades came out from my grandmothers’ house which she was the ‘spiritual keeper’ of, they are called and known as ‘ancestral spirits’, they scared me and my brother to bits!. Can you imagine ‘oyinbo children aged 8yrs encountering these creatures,  what a nightmare!,  I still remember their deep voices, as I actually thought they landed from heaven!… So my mum was born into traditional spiritual beliefs, however, when she was 15 yrs some street gospel revivalist came to town. In those days the Christian revivalist held street revivals following the footsteps of the great prophets of old like Baba Mose Orimolade, Baba Babalola in turn following the footsteps of the great John the baptist. I still remember growing up to see these street evangelists with their bells at 5 am waking everyone on the street with their preaching ‘reminding us of the coming of the Lord and the message to make our ways straight’. Repent!, Repent! ..(disturbing our sweet sleep) 🙂

It was during these night street revivals that my mum still in her teens was passing by and out of curiosity decided to observe what they were doing, the next thing she knew, she literally ‘saw the heaven split into two, with angels going up and coming down’. She immediately screamed and fainted. the next she knew she woke up 7 days after, she had slipped into a trance. What the C&S calls ‘going in the spirit’. From there she became a follower of Baba Mose Orimolade and dedicated her life to this fold till the end of her days. My mother was part of the first members that started the Cherubim and Seraphim Church London UK chapter with Baba Aladura Abidoye in 1965.

My mum ‘mama woli’ 3rd to the right

I was born into the Cherubim and Seraphim Christian Church fold and grew up knowing my grandad and grandma. My grandpa was feared for his charms and I use to be afraid to go to his house, he had this big massive broom tied to his front door post, we were told it stood as a security charm. You come in to steal, you will be sweeping the floor till my grandfather returns home!.. My grandfather was a ‘juju man’ he will seat us down when we were small and tell us all kind of stories which were confirmed by my dad. He used to go to the farm when it was raining and the rain will be 4 feet away from him always!. They called him the ‘rain holder’ if they wanted to do a party in the community they consulted him first. He had such dark powers that people of today’s generation will think its just stories.  But for those who had witnessed it in actuality, know of its existence. My prayer is that we will not walk where the protection of the Lord will not be activated in Jesus name.

myself and my mum

My growing up was imbibed in these 3 religions all ‘spiritualists’ from diverse worlds. .  By the time my mum died, she was the founder of 3 big C&S churches, had visited various countries as a prophetess, visionist, gifted in diverse spiritual gifts. She gave spiritual messages to Kings, Presidents, and heads of states worldwide. I was my mums recorder and waking up exactly 3am at least twice a week was one of my routine duties (I use to hate waking up to do it but missed dearly now, I still have some of her recordings!),  by 3.01 am my mum wakes up prophesying, (an angel of the Lord is passing by and branched to visit mum and to let her know what was about to happen in the world!).. pages upon pages I will write..I remembered vividly writing about the Iraq war, she cried and cried, I too was crying (didn’t have a clue why but the atmosphere was grim) as she said the angel of the Lord was sad because of too much blood of Gods children that will be shed.., the event happened 3 years after, millions you can recollect died!…. In my house, the bible always comes alive, so I laugh when people say this only happened in the bible times….

The Bible says, the secret of the Lord belonged to those who fear him Psalm 25:14 She was revered for her spiritual gifts and revelations. Through my mum. ‘Mama woli or iya adura’  these various spiritual gifts came alive all through my life, growing up .. these gifts as written by Apostle Paul in the book of 1Corinthians Chapter 12   

  1. Word of wisdom
  2. Word of knowledge
  3. Faith
  4. Gifts of healings
  5. Miracles
  6. Prophecy – dreams/visions/prophetic
  7. Distinguishing between spirits
  8. Tongues
  9. Interpretation of tongues

My mum predicted her death 5 years before she died, by the time she died she was blessed with various rare spiritual gifts , most of the above and more, which I will be sharing with you as time goes by so you have a better understanding of the spirit world.  Once my mum and I were watching Eddie Murphy’s film ‘Dr Dolittle‘ and she turned to me and said, do you know that there is indeed a spiritual gift to hear animals and birds speak!.. She said ‘I was visited by their angel once and offered the gift, I said..NO!..THANK YOU.. can you imagine me talking to a dog?..isnt that madness?’…I laughed so hard, my mum will always make you laugh!… This was part of the gifts given to King Solomon 1 Kings 4:29-34  


When I got married I left the C&S fold and moved to the new generation Pentecostal Church, but after about 10 years moved back to my C&S birth Church, more because it was my comfort zone. I am grateful for the 10 years away as it opened my eyes to studying the in-depth Rhema Word of the Bible, anointed as a pastor and got the priviledge of meeting and having encounters with some of Gods generals from Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo, Pastor Tony Rapu, Pastor Paul Adefarasin to the Bishop of London, being invited to the city Christian prayer group who meet once a month to pray for the UK government in the House of Parliament. A trained street evangelist with Open air mission (using artwork to invite people to share our testimony of Jesus on the streets of London).

An Alpha course Team Leader, a global intercessor with IHOP a 24/7 prayer with worship ministry, an experience I will forever cherish,  to meeting my Spiritual Mentor whom I followed all the way to Ukraine attending his History makers Bible Training.  Pastor Sunday Adelaja, changed my life forever and made me who I am today.  An ambassador for Christ, a forerunner of the gospel and a social entrepreneur having retired from working over 25 years as an Investment Banking Analyst.  I have through the gospel of Christ met various dignitaries including Princess Anne through working for her charity organization and a hospital chaplain with StBart hospital London.

I am today still a Christian blogger for various websites, Youtube Channels and a Digital Evangelist.  I discovered that my calling was to the World and the Church just to fellowship with the saints. Like Apostle Paul said. I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me  Phil 3:14.  Hence you reading about me today.


My word today is to challenge you. JESUS IS CALLING YOU, just take a bold step and start something, What is your passion?, what is your gift?, can you sing?, can you pray?, can you make people laugh?, can you console the lonely heart?, can you comfort the troubled mind?, etc. I challenge you today. Its time to make a headstart. Start a blog, or a Youtube channel or a Volunteer in your local community, in a school, youth center, hospital, prison etc.

I challenge you today to RISE N SHINE, let people see God through you and come to freedom, spread the hope of God in a world of confusion, loneliness, and depression. YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THIS WORLD and the whole world is waiting for you to take your position. I CHALLENGE YOU TODAY TO RISE UP AND SHINE!… TICK., TOCK.. the clock is ticking and it sure won’t wait. Don’t live a life of regret but a life of fulfillment. God is by your side!.

Let me know if you have any questions, are you looking to make a start and just need a push, then drop me a line and together with Gods help, wonders will manifest.




                                  (A Yoruba ministration in my local Church)