When it comes to Kingdom ministries, they are few and far fetched. many ministries of today are about money, fame, power. So are so far from the truth its chillingly scary. How some manipulate their parishioners all under the pretence of the ‘Anointing’!. They squeeze the weak, feeble minded out of their finances, rather than empower them to go forth as Christ has called us to do. They bind them and torture their minds to believe the ‘God of Baba A,B,C’ is the key to heaven!.  Its no more the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ but the ‘God of somebody’!. When you then come across ministries that actually have Gods heart on their mind, then we need to listen to them, promote them and give them the honour due to a ‘Vessel and Oracle of God’. This Page is created for such ministries.
john eckhardt
I came across Apostle John Eckhart’s ministries when I was doing a research on the ‘power of prayer’ and ‘how to pull down Spiritual strongholds’. I have ever since then been in love with his ministry and his passion for Gods people across the world. Apostle John is the Senior pastor of Crusaders Church, Chicago but it is what he does outside Church that is fascinating. Apostle John has a prophetic ministry and believes every one is called to be a prophet to a certain degree, that is moving under the unction of the Almighty to speak Gods promises to other lives. Equipping people with Gods words, mentoring them on how to use it, how to awaken their inner spirit, to listen to the holy spirit and how to hear Gods voice. Apostle John is also a deliverance pastor and has written tons of books on prayers, deliverance, prophecy etc.

To make sure he reaches people globally, he has a daily video podcast he does on twitter Periscope called @Sentapostle1 he sometimes does it twice or 3 times a day as the spirit leads him. This session has helped me in so many ways and I encourage you to hook into it. We serve a God of the Universe and NOT a god of a church or a man

We must remember that the earth is of the Lord and the fullness thereof, we are called to oversee a global Kingdom of God on earth and need ‘Men of God like Apostle John to break the circle of ‘church bondage’ to see the greater picture that millions of people need to be reached and the more we equip each other the better we can reach to the furthest part of the universe.