Ti Oluwa nile, ati ekun re, aye ati awon ti o tedo sinu re Psalms 24:1

The Bible says ‘The Earth is of the Lord’s and the fullness thereof..’. The Lord is also the creator of diversity of Languages of which Yoruba is one!. The Yoruba speakers are from the western part of Nigeria, Africa with over 40 million speakers and many more spread globally across the World of which I am one of them. I was born in London by Nigerian parents but privileged to have part of my upbringing in Nigeria, hence my love for my local dialect ‘YORUBA’.

The earth is of the Lord

The earth is of the Lord

This page is dedicated to YORUBA speakers as sometimes it is impossible to flow fluently in an adoptive language!. It is also important when it comes to ANCESTRAL BACKGROUNDS, Breaking Curses, deliverance and healing. Our mission is to introduce you to all YORUBA MINISTRIES that will help you on your Christian journey no matter where you are located.

Our prayer is that the Lord will order your step and give you victory wherever you are.