Pastor is a Christian one stop page offering fresh insight into Gods word through the Bible. To uplift, aid, help and encourage. We serve a God of the Universe with Jesus Christ as our Redeemer. Our purpose is to equip all Christians with relevant tools that will aid them in fighting the good fight of faith. Showcasing powerful ministries relevant to the end time season we live in, sharing videos, sermons, podcasts and announcing events, sharing new technology, apps etc that will empower each individual in their walk of faith.

To new Christians we provide a welcoming social platform that will aid you in your new life and connect you with relevant networks and tools to help you discover more of Christ’s love for your life.

Pastor Angel is a Spiritual Coach who travels globally around the world offering fresh Spiritual insight by coaching, motivating and teaching with Biblical revelations. My aim is to advice audiences who, like me, are determined to pursue healthy spiritual life and productive lives.

Why not join us as we go on a discovery journey through JESUS to discover who you are, what you are and  your purpose here on earth. Your dreams and aspirations etc.

We pray Gods grace, wisdom and power to do that which God has called you to do, also the strength to bring more people out of darkness into His marvelous light.

peace in your valley!

Pastor Angel