LOVE is a Spirit which dwells in each one of us, the more we exercise it, the more we multiply and grow in it and the more we are able to share with others, as a lover, a colleague, a parent or just any relationship. God is LOVE and the more you know Him and witness HIS unwarranted love for you the more you grow to love YOU and all that surrounds you. LOVE does not begin from the outside, not from your husband, wife or child and seeking to fulfill your emptiness through outside relationship is a false reality that will only lead to heartbreak and depression.
You must know that YOU must fall in love with yourself first, be fulfilled in yourself as a child of the most high God and realise if you are not happy yourself, your husband or wife will not necessary fill the void. There are many ‘married but single’, many lonely wives and sad husbands. This Valentine’s day, treat and celebrate yourself and let any other from your loved ones be an additional flavour!. Let your loved ones know you love them, in every way available share the love, write a letter, compose a poem, sing a song, cuddle, kiss, whisper it. You only have one life so live every second of it, don’t live a life of regret. Appreciate people you love, celebrate one another, we all need somebody!.
To the married and singles, lonely and widows we say: Happy Valentines Day, remember always that God loved you first! and no matter what YOU WILL ALWAYS BE LOVED. 
Valentines Day